“Social media moderation”

Denise Balkissoon, writing for the Globe and Mail, has been experiencing feelings similar to mine on social media. She makes an effective comparison to food and unhealthy consumption, arguing that self-moderation is the best solution.

…social media is actually more like food than a drug – a broad category of sources with both helpful and harmful possibilities.

Like food, social media can nourish us in the right company. But it can also be addictive – or at least a crutch for our vulnerabilities. Those weaknesses are exacerbated by inequalities of access that leave some people more open to manipulative messages or unhealthy choices.

I think I agree; over the past few weeks, I’ve significantly cut back my social media usage, but haven’t gone cold turkey. I feel better about it, but I also don’t feel disconnected.

Balkisoon’s piece is thoughtful and well worth a read.