So! The 2017-18 NBA regular season has come and gone, and I’ve accomplished the goal I set out to do: Write after every Toronto Raptors game. 82 games, 82 “Five Thoughts” recaps!

Here’s my recap from last night’s finale, a 116-109 loss to Miami, and here are five thoughts after a full season of Toronto Raptors blogging.

It’s a lot of thoughts and words

Five thoughts on 82 games is more than 400 thoughts! At roughly 1,000 words per post, that’s (checks math) about 82,000 words. That’s a good sized novel!

37 of those recaps appeared right here on I joined up with RaptorsHQ in January, and the other 45 appeared on I doubled my (very small!) Twitter following! I’m a “platformer” now, as my pal John says.

I’m gonna call it the equivalent of a 50-win season

All in all I’d say that’s a pretty successful season from a blogging point of view. I mean it’s maybe not a 59-win season, but it’s a start! There were definitely some I was happier with than others, some thoughts were a little half-baked, some I points that were repetitive, and so on. Can’t win ‘em all right?

Speaking of 59 wins, I definitely lucked out, blogging about this Raptors season, the best in franchise history. Writing about a winning team is surely easier/more fun than writing about a losing team.

If at first you don’t succeed…

This season was not my first attempt at writing about the Raptors. At least twice before I gave it a shot, but couldn’t stick with it. I suspect it’s because at that time, I was still writing pretty much 100% of the time at my day job; I love writing, but it’s tough to write all day, then come home and write some more.

Nowadays I don’t write as much at the day job, or jobs as it stands at the moment. Which makes it easier to write for RaptorsHQ and this here blog.

It’s a fun component to the experience

Writing about the games, and watching them with an eye towards what I’ll write about, has been fun, and although there are the occasional challenges, they’re not exactly daunting. I haven’t watched every single game live; there were about a half-dozen I had to catch up on either late at night or early the next morning, including game 82, as I spent that evening at the RaptorsHQ Meetup! (A small sacrifice!)

There have been some less-than-interesting games, especially when the Raptors have dispatched bad teams in business-like fashion. When they show up, do their job, and the outcome is exactly what’s expected, that doesn’t make for a superbly interesting blog post! (And these last four games, with the one seed sown up, have been boring to watch and write about!)

But again, these are good problems to have. The thought of being an Orlando Magic or Phoenix Suns blogger is… [shudder].

Five postseason thoughts

Now, on to the postseason; you can find five more thoughts after each playoff game over at RaptorsHQ.

As my wife will attest, my stress levels elevate with every Raptors game; we’ll see what kind of an impact that has on my writing! I’ll also be attending more games (well, assuming the team does well) which should hopefully bring a different angle to a couple of the recaps.

If all goes well, I’ll have somewhere between 16 and 28 more of these to come over the next two months…!

Thanks to everyone that read, followed, commented, and/or liked any of my five thoughts recap, and thanks to RaptorsHQ for welcoming me to the team!